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By transferring your camcorder tapes, video tapes and VHS to DVD, your videos will last a lifetime.The ADS Tech DVD Xpress DX2 is a USB device that can capture analog video from a VHS video.Making DVD, Blu-ray, and digital copies of old home movies is a great way to create your personal family archives, as well as to produce special one-of-a-kind gifts for family, kids, and friends.PAL tapes (the most common format in Europe) in VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS and 8mm videotape can be transferred to a DVD.

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We can transfer almost any consumer, and many professional, analog media ever made.If you want your old tapes transferred onto your hard drive as an easy to edit file, we can do that too.

So I found my VHS copies of the trilogy from '92 where can

Any recommendations on how best to do that but keep the quality of the picture and.You can buy devices to transfer VHS to DVD format but they are getting older all the time.However, the process can be quite slow because you have to transfer the file twice: first from the video to the computer and then again from the computer to the DVD.

Can you transfer from the camcorder, through the computer to an external hard drive.We transfer your film, audio, and videos to digital CD, DVD, thumb drive, hard drive, or the web.Whether the tape is broken and needs to be spliced, or you have a broken part or shell, we can repair your tape to get it working again.

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Specializing in conversion and transfer of VHS video tapes to DVD discs, as well as many other formats including: Compact VHS (C-VHS), MiniDV, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, (all 8mm casettes, Audio Casette tapes, CDs and computer video and audio formats.I have several Disney films on VHS and want to transfer them to DVD.

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On the Toshiba I got 90 minutes, I used 2 DVD-Rs for 1 VHS tape in most cases.It is pretty much hook VHS to DVDirect, insert DVD and press some buttons and forget it.

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My oldest daughter was about to get married and I needed to transfer her childhood VHS tapes to DVD to play at the rehearsal dinner.

In the course of locating the files, step 1, you may need to transfer the.

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The results were fantastic and the turnaround time was excellent.

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If you have them transferred to DVD by a service - have them do one -- and then test it to make sure it plays on your DVD player - if all goes well, you can then decide whether to have your remaining tapes transferred using this option.I had six 8 mm films transferred to DVD through Costco (using Yes Video).

In this process, you will be saving the video on a computer first before burning it to DVD.

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We are equipped to transfer your video to DVD from a wide array of tape formats, even dating back further than Betamax.Your videos are provided on DVDs in a free multi-disc case - the titles printed neatly on each disc.MiniDV is a very common format that captures video and audio on high-density cassette tapes.Most of the videos can be seen at GotMemories com Most of the videos can be seen at GotMemories com.These DVDs differ from standard video DVDs in that they many NOT be played on a DVD player or viewed on a television.

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To connect a VHS player to a computer, a person will need to use an adapter with analog capabilities.This easy-to-follow video tutorial walks you through steps of converting old VHS tapes to DVD.You can certainly find a service that will make this conversion for you, but these transfers can get expensive if you have several VHS tapes to convert.You can get a cheap VCR off Ebay and record to a DVD recorder, usually needing to set it to the higher quality mode because lower bitrates on the DVD seem more like generational loss, but when I used the high quality mode it seemed to preserve the VHS picture perfectly on the DVD.Migrate the collection approximately every five years to new media.Preserve your analog videotapes with our VHS to DVD conversion service.

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Once the VHS video has been transferred to a computer, you can do a lot more with it such as edit the video, convert it to different formats and watch on multiple devices, and share it with friends and family on social media sites or via a video cloud service like RealCloud.You may still be able to buy a DVD recorder, which can receive analog video from a VCR and stores it in recordable DVD.Provide us with a hard drive of your choice and file format you prefer.Transfer Convert VCR VHS Video Tapes to Computer DVD PC. The USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio, it can capture High-quality video and audio file direct byUSB 2.0 interface without sound card. By the wa.

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